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Quotes I love this book because it doesn't just talk about ideas - it provides opportunities for self-reflection and exploration through real experience. The exercises in this book really show you where your resistance is, where you are stuck - and brings you to a deeper understanding of how you got there. I like that the book also doesn't preach but rather guides you along your own journey, encouraging you to just let it unfold. My gratitude to the authors for reminding me that service is not an action, but a consciousness one can hold no matter what we are "doing." Quotes

Quotes As opposed to all the intellectual garbage out there, this book guides you through some very easy and uncomplicated daily actions. At the end of each day and at the end of each week, the book helps you reflect on how you experienced the daily exercises. Those experiences create awareness of our fears and what we are more and less comfortable with. The exercises are easy to do even with a busy schedule. The insights and lessons learned are invaluable because they are based on actual experiences as opposed to intellectual exercises. I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become more aware of their patterns and experience more freedom and happiness in their lives. Quotes

Quotes As much as I have felt that I have faced many challenges of my life's circumstances, this book, brought me back nicely to the humility of "Beginner's Mind." The assignment "Give A Stranger Flowers" was an exercise for me to witness my own thoughts moment-by-moment, my interactions with a stranger (in this case, a Nigerian woman named Khandy who was in a parked car with her baby Michelle outside of Wholefoods) and despite my ego, I ended up approaching her with uncanny timing and had a very deep and meaningful exchange for at least twenty minutes even though we had come from completely different cultural, spiritual, and economic backgrounds. Instead of the differences of our spiritual backgrounds, we concentrated on the commonalities. And although she graciously accepted the flowers from me, she seemed to care more about our interaction than the flowers. The feeling was mutual. In the various exercises, there were many synchronicities. In 21 Days, I appreciated the magic and the love. Quotes