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Today... connect with the people around you.





This sounded pretty simple and usually I do pay attention to people around me, but not quite like I did today. I didn’t really interact with anyone until I got to the Grocery and Drug stores and what I found was that no one wanted to connect. I got a few smiles from the people who worked at the different stores, but the people I came across didn’t make eye contact, or just looked blankly at me if I smiled.

I found that there has to be good balance of connecting with those around me. At times I felt like I was looking for it too much and that felt uncomfortable, like I was reaching a bit.


I didn’t feel like the people around me were too comfortable making contact with a smiling stranger. There were no negative reactions, just confusion. It didn’t bother me, but it was interesting. It made me think about how we all use a lot of energy to avoid connecting. I probably walk past a lot of people everyday without noticing them and I did catch myself looking down at my phone a few times, and had to stop. The phone is such an easy way to pass the time instead of connecting with those around me. 


Overall, I felt like this was a really interesting experiment. I didn’t realize that I could always engage more than I do. It seems so easy at times to not pay attention to all the people around me. It’s like I get so used to people, and lots of people, that it doesn’t interest me anymore. I couldn’t help but think what it would be like if seeing another human was a more rare experience. I feel like each person you would come across, would fill you with so much joy and excitement, no matter who or what the circumstances.






This one was no big stretch for me. This is what I do in my life anyway, but I found myself amping it up a bit. I went to the bank and talked to, or smiled at everyone. It felt normal to me, but it also felt very loving and I felt lots of love. I guess why, and I see it clearly now, is when you connect to a lot of people with eye contact, smiling and saying hello, the ‘inside you’ connects to the ‘inside them.’ There’s a recognition, a meeting from the same place within, and a transfer of energy and love that flows through us all. It is a joyful way to spend one’s day.


It’s kind of like when you stand in a circle and hold hands and you can feel the unity of the group. Each person you connect with during your day is another part of your circle, someone you’re ‘holding hands’ with. I feel like the more people I connected with, the more expansion I felt.


People reacted well to my contact with them. I’ve always done this but really never thought much about the effect it has on others. When you make loving contact with another, you acknowledge the being inside. This will continue to be an important action in my life.



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