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Today... place a dollar on someone's windshield.





I was really excited about doing this one. It felt like Christmas and I was Santa Claus. But it bothered me that I was only giving three people a dollar. To me, that wasn’t enough. Instead, I took nine envelopes and put a dollar in eight of them and a twenty dollar bill in the last one. I shuffled them and started out on my gift-giving, not knowing which envelope had the twenty dollar bill.


I drove to a parking lot near my home and parked next to a car. I became a tad fearful that someone would come along and think I was tampering with their car so I chose an isolated spot. I left the motor running, jumped out and quickly put the envelope on the car’s windshield. Then I made a fast getaway; happy that I had completed my mission without being seen. It was exciting. I thought about what the person was going to think when they saw the envelope. Perhaps they’d think it was a ticket, or that someone had banged into their car and left a note. They’d be relieved to read my message wishing them a prosperous New Year. I drove on looking for my next subject.


As I drove, I looked at cars deciding whether I should choose them or not. Then I decided I wasn’t going to ‘look’ for the car to put it on. I’d just go about my day and ‘feel’ when it was right to put the money on a car. I liked not knowing who was going to get the $20. That kept it random, fun, and kept me from making the decision.


I did this for the rest of the day, but only ended up putting 5 envelopes on cars. After the fifth, I felt done. I opened the remaining envelopes and they all had one dollar bills in them. I was happy that someone got the twenty.


Looking back on my day, I started to think about how I approached the daily action. Why wasn’t I happy just putting a dollar on three cars? Why’d I have to put in twenty dollars and go for nine cars? Why in my life do I always overdo things?


I always do more than what’s asked of me. I’ll work harder, longer, give more, always… instead of simply doing what is asked of me. Am I seeking approval? Why do I feel the need to do more? What am I overcompensating for? I had to take a long, hard look at these questions and realized that this is tied to my self-worth issues. Why don’t I feel that I’m enough? This was an excellent topic for me to meditate on. What’s important here is to check my motivation before I do something. Check to see if I have expectations, or am I looking for some reward or acknowledgment for my deed. I didn’t think such a simple action would bring up so much for me.





I think I figured this was going to be easy and simple. I didn’t think it would excite me much or make me feel any different. But the truth is, I felt a sense of excitement that grew from one dollar to the next.


It was interesting to see which cars I chose to put the dollar on. I live in a wealthy area so I looked for the cars that were a bit more run down. (Though thinking about that now it shouldn’t have made a difference.) After the first one, I felt like perhaps it would be really confusing to just get a dollar; that the person may not believe someone just gave them a dollar. Like they would think someone scratched their car or took something and was leaving a dollar. Or maybe they would think someone found a dollar near their car and thought it must be theirs. So I decided to write “Have a wonderful Day” on the second dollar and “Happy New Year” on the third. I figured then it would be clear to that person that a stranger had just given them a dollar.


It also occurred to me that I didn’t want to stop, or at least I would do this once a month because it’s such a fun way to bring abundance to others. Plus for me, I was able to go for a really cool unique walk. I definitely was feeling positive and happy doing this exercise. It’s amazing to think about how such a simple thing could affect my day that much.


At this point, if I found a dollar on my windshield, I could only laugh and smile at the universe. I think I would at first be confused (like where is the camera ;) but then I’d be grateful. I almost wonder what I would spend that dollar on. Giving away a dollar was easy; It’s not that much money. I wonder if I gave away a 20 or even a 100 how it would feel. Though then I would be worried someone would steal the 100. Maybe I could experiment with that in the future.


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