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Today... be loving to animals.



B's Experience


I went to a pet store. First I looked at the fish and imagined what their life is about. To me, it seems pretty simple; they eat, swim around, reproduce and poop. I made an effort to look deeper. I admired their diversity and beautiful colors, the simplicity of their lives. I made an effort to connect with them, but they didn’t really notice me.


Then I looked around at the birds, a chinchilla, a guinea pig and some rats and mice. It made me think about how my viewpoint about animals has changed in the past few years. I was a Biology major in college so I did a lot of lab experiments with small animals. I felt guilt about that. I didn’t respect life in all forms, the way I do now. I would never willingly kill anything now.


It’s amazing to see life take so many different forms. I used to hate spiders too. I’d kill them without a thought. Now I keep a spider jar in the house and when I see one, I catch it and take it outside.


The animals in the pet store were oblivious to me, some seemed ‘depressed.’ It was strange to look at these living creatures and see a price tag written on their containers. It seemed odd that one living creature was selling another living creature.


I also talked to a few dogs that day. They were out on their walks with their owners and happily doing their thing.





I's Experience


I decided to go to a pet store and give love to the animals there. Unfortunately these days, it’s tough to find a pet store with pets! They have a lot of food and supplies but not many pets. Anyway I found a pet store in the next town over. There were birds, mice, lizards, snakes and fish. Oh and turtles.


The animals were so cool ; the lizards in particular. I just stood watching them for a bit. They seemed to be aware of me, perhaps because they are used to being fed by humans, but anyway they were so much fun to look at; seeing this small little being breathe and exist. And they were so cool looking also. Perhaps I felt extra drawn to them because they seemed to notice me. The snake was cool too, but I’m a bit afraid of snakes, so I guess I need to look at that program.


I walked around and gave my love, but also just tried to remain present. It wasn’t exactly the experience I was hoping for though. I think I thought I would have a more substantial experience. Perhaps it would’ve been different if there had been cats and dogs. Though it did make me want to have a pet. Pets just give love because of who they are. They have such an easy time being themselves. I work so hard at times being something I’m not. Their existence seems so simple, and yet I feel like I am capable of a simple existence also. Them being locked up didn’t really effect me either way. It is what it is. I suppose if I went to an animal shelter it would be different. I love animals.

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