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Today... give a hug to someone.





Hmmm, this one was really disappointing for me because, while I did give a few hugs today. They were just casual ones. I wasn’t able to give a big one; the kind that you really connect. The reason I feel disappointed is because I feel like I’ve been walking around with a ‘big one’ ready to come out. I’ve decided before I go to bed I’m going to give an etheric one to someone.


It makes me think I am reaching too much on this one. Sometimes I may really want to give love, but I need to accept that I’m only meant to give where God presents an opportunity for me, even if it’s only a little that day. My ‘wanting’ to give love can also be an attachment.


I loved this one though. I guess I could’ve tried harder, though forcing it would’ve felt bad also. I just thought the perfect situation would present itself. Though now, I’m starting to feel like it did. Because I did give a couple hugs, although casual, they were effortless. I love giving hugs and receiving them in appropriate situations. It can just feel so good when you really need one and someone recognizes that nonverbally and gives you one.






I figured I wouldn’t take the easy way out and just hug my mom who I’m living with now, but really see if an opportunity to hug a stranger came up. I didn’t feel this would be hard for me to do, but I wondered how it would come about.


I had to run some errands and as I parked my car and went to the parking station, I saw an older couple getting out of their car. I had put more money in the pay machine than I needed to, so I decided to give them the parking ticket to use.


They came over and I said I wanted them to have the ticket and handed it to the man. He pulled some money out of his pocket to give me and I refused. He kept insisting on paying me. I then found myself saying, “Well, give me a hug instead.” He gingerly put the money away and embraced me in a warm and loving hug. Then he kissed me on the cheek. I was overwhelmed. I turned to his wife and hugged her too. We said goodbye and went our separate ways.


I felt the warmth and tingly-ness of his hug for a while after. It was a magic hug. It’s funny because I thought of this as a one way exercise with me giving someone else a hug. I didn’t realize until it happened that this could be a two way experience. I got so much out of that hug. I almost felt like some kind of healing took place and I’m not sure for who.


I felt elated afterwards, and so much love. I wanted to go hug everybody I saw but no easy opportunity presented itself. I decided to just savor the experience that I had.


There is magic contained within us all…

Released by a single touch.

Share the magic of love.

Hug someone today.

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