We both had been drawn to writing a book together for a while.  Despite our different backgrounds, we were on a similar path and shared an enthusiasm for putting a book out there that would help people on a practical level. Although much of our personal journeys have been spent accumulating knowledge and wisdom, we both noticed a gap in ourselves and others, between the enlightening teachings we had learned, and actually rolling up our sleeves and applying them.

 Writing a book that helped people, and the idea that it would actually get them active in the world, got us very excited.  After tossing around a few ideas, the one that instantly resonated with us both, and we knew we had to write, was “21 Days of Enlightenments.”

It turned out to be an incredible experience, one that far exceeded our concept of what this book could offer.  Every week we’d talk in depth about our experiences; which were filled with laughter, emotion, new awarenesses, and pushing ourselves past our comfort zones in ways we had never anticipated.  It's incredibly amazing how a simple action can bring up so much of your crap.  Needless to say, it was truly enlightening.

 And so “21 Days of Enlightenments” was born. The message is simple - Be of service to the world around you, and you’ll find all the answers and happiness you’re looking for.


Ian Hoge

 I used to think that the outside world was what was most important. At twenty-six, having already had four different careers, and lived all over the world in places like England, Brazil, and South Africa; I realized that while I loved to travel and find new adventures, there was always a part of me that was unhappy and never fulfilled.

Over the years, to my own frustration and sadness, this part of me had continued to grow and grow until I had no choice but to face it.  I began to realize the journey I was called to start, was the journey inward; the journey to find my true self.  It is this journey that has taken the most courage to face, but one that has brought me the most peace and fulfillment in my life. As an actor, musician, author, and healer, and in everything that I do, I hope to bring love and healing to the world by sharing my experiences and wonderful discoveries with others.






Bernadette Luckett

I grew up in Berkeley, California and I wouldn’t want to be from anyplace else.  It was a wonderful, magical, progressive place to grow up, and it gave me an optimistic world view that has graced my whole life.

I feel like I’ve lived a million lifetimes in this one and had a million labels.   I’ve been a lab technician, a model, a waitress, an actress, a cookie packer, a coatroom girl, and a comedian.  When I finally settled into writing on TV sitcoms, my mother exclaimed proudly, “Well, you’ve always been a writer.”  It was funny because for the first time I realized that I had.  It’s just I never noticed it all the time I was trying to be something else.  As a child I had written short stories that won awards in a local newspaper.  As a teenager I wrote the gloomiest, tear-shedding depression poetry; even got one of them published.   And as a young adult I’d written volumes of lengthy letters in which I explained ‘How I Felt’ to ex-boyfriends.  Yeah, you can label me a writer. 

Although some jobs do buy a bigger bowl of rice and vegetables, what’s important to me now, is living a life of love and service to others; through my writing,  through facilitating workshops and healings, and through whatever circumstances cross my path.  It’s all good.